Hi everyone Doug here....

People think it's business as usual on weekends and holidays in the residential hvac world. It is not! In this area my parts suppliers are not open on weekends and holidays so if you have a problem with your furnace during the week "We'll just wait and call a guy on the weekend" is not the best idea. If you call me on a weekend and I dont have the required parts on my truck or back at my shop we are out of luck until Monday. And along the same lines during the week the latest parts supply house closes at 5pm not 8 or 10 pm! 

A question I get asked repeatedly is "I see signs advertising a furnace for $1795, I want a furnace for $1795!" Heres the truth on that. #1 That is $1795 before tax. #2 That is for the lowest BTU rated furnace in the line up which is in the 40,000 BTU range. A normal home requires either a 60, 80 or 100,000 BTU furnace obviously more expensive. 40,000 BTU furnaces are only really ever installed in town houses which have shared walls on two sides. I personally have only ever installed two 40,000 furnaces in my life! And we wont even go to the quality of the furnaces and the quality of the installers you will get in a job like that. I will say not all furnaces are the same and definitely not all installers are the same! D 10/16/14

I see contractors advertising "Buy a new furnace and we'll throw in and A/C for free....!!"  This is a classic HVAC contractors sales technique if there ever was one and is as old as the hills. Ever see the game at a carnival where the guy puts a ball under a cup then with his fast hands moves all the cups around and you have to guess which cup has the ball under it? That is what the contractor is doing with the charges in this scheme. He ends up charging you $6000 (or more) for a furnace he would normally charge $3000 for and "throws in" a $2300 A/C....no savings at all. LOL I can't believe contractors are still doing that. And you know any contractor that would try and pull this is....lets just say "Not good" And for the record my gas to gas Furnace and A/C packages start at $4900 taxes included and that is for a 92% efficient furnace and a 13 seer R410A A/C. Thanks D 2/11/15 

Uninvited door to door water heater/furnace people - These people make me crazy.  No matter how convincing they seem you DO NOT have to show them ANYTHING. If there are any changes whatsoever to your rental agreements you will be contacted by MAIL not from a person coming door to door! DO NOT SIGN OR AGREE TO ANYTHING FROM ANYONE WHO KNOCKS ON YOUR DOOR UNINVITED! Close the door and call POLICE. They are ALL scams and give us all a bad name! Go to Youtube and type in "Ontario Consumers Scam" Thanks D 10/11/15